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“For me, certainly the best loading system on the market!”

15 Seconds

Fea­tur­ing a dou­ble grip­per, the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® com­pletes the un­load­ing from the CNC ma­chine and its load­ing with the next part with­in only 15 sec­onds. When ma­chin­ing is in progress, the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® places the un­loaded part on the ma­te­r­i­al car, picks up a new one, and waits in front of the CNC ma­chine door for the next cy­cle to be­gin.

5 Minuten-3b

5 Minutes

Un­beat­able: In just 5 min­utes the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® is set up for a dif­fer­ent work­piece. How that is pos­si­ble? By op­ti­cal recog­ni­tion of work­pieces, even ran­dom­ly placed ones, that dis­places me­chan­i­cal po­si­tion­ing sys­tems. When chang­ing a work­piece, only the grip­per fin­gers need to be ad­just­ed. Your Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® is up and run­ning again while tra­di­tion­al load­ing sys­tems are still adapt­ed to the next work­piece!

12 Months

Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® max­i­mizes the spin­dle time of cost­ly pro­duc­tion ma­chines while re­duc­ing work­force re­quire­ments to a min­i­mum. Re­plac­ing tra­di­tion­al me­chan­ics with dig­i­tal in­no­va­tions, the pay-back pe­ri­od of Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® can be as short as 12 months.


1000 Parts

Op­er­at­ed with two ma­te­r­i­al cars, the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® of­fers a space of 0.9 square me­ters to sup­ply work­pieces. Ran­dom­ly placed at a dis­tance of 20 mm to neigh­bor­ing parts, the ca­pac­i­ty ex­ceeds 240 cylin­ders 40 mm, or 64 cuboids 90x90 mm. With the Space­Box, ca­pac­i­ty even ex­ceeds 1000 parts, al­low­ing for au­tonomous run­ning over an en­tire week­end.


0% Redundant Workload

Ap­ply­ing cam­era and laser tech­nol­o­gy, the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® dis­pens­es with grid plates and mag­a­zines. Once loaded on ma­te­r­i­al cars, euro-pal­lets, or the Space­Box, work­pieces are not man­u­al­ly han­dled again un­til the end of the pro­duc­tion process. This fea­ture re­duces the man­u­al work­load, and it in­creas­es the er­gonom­ics for CNC op­er­a­tors.


100% Spare Parts Availability

All stan­dard com­po­nents of the Sh­e­r­p­a­L­o­a­d­er® are stocked and avail­able for ship­ment with­in 48 hours. With the net­work of au­tho­rized ser­vice part­ners, com­pe­tent as­sis­tance is avail­able on-site with­in a few hours’ dri­ve, in the un­like­ly case that things go wrong.

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